Renewable energy data solutions

Maximise the value of your assets with  state-of-the-art software solutions combined with in-depth technical expertise


Your benefits:

  • More Transparency
  • Less Effort
  • More Value

More Transparency

Get an independent view on your assets

  • Raw information directly from your assets
  • Integration with benchmarking values
  • Actively challenge your 3rd party providers


More Value

Ensure maximum performance is achieved by your assets

  • Assess your assets’ performance, on your own or with the support of Nispera engineers
  • Identify possible areas of improvement
  • Supervise assets’ operation in realtime by Artificial Intelligence

Less Effort

Get rid of your routine tasks and focus on value generation

  • Automatise your analysis reports
  • Receive alerts in case of deviations
  • Count on Nispera’s expert support

Trusted globally

for tomorrow's management requirements

More than 150

More than 150

wind assets
More than 250

More than 250

photovoltaic assets
More than 20

More than 20

hydro plants
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Nispera Solutions

Web and Mobile

Real-time asset performance monitoring and analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Artificial intelligence based fault detection


Power generation forecasting for wind and PV


Expert support for O&M issues, asset performance, due diligence, etc.


 "Thanks to Nispera, I have always at hand all the tools and data to analyse my portfolio and demand a better service from my O&M providers"

SUSI partners
Paolo Sereni, Head of Asset Management

 "Nispera is our partner of choice for the optimisation of our wind farms. The Nispera system supports us in our daily work by detecting problems on the turbines. We could not imagine our O&M activity without the support of Nispera"

Fernando Silvan, O&M Manager

 "With its deep knowledge of the industry, Nispera helped us to create significant value since the very beginning of our collaboration. This could have never been possible with a conventional software house"

VEI Green
Elena Maspoli, Director