4 reasons why you should join Nispera and make your mark in reshaping renewable energy optimization:

  • PURPOSE: We are all passionate in what we do, and willing to drive operational excellence to make renewable generation more sustainable for the world and more profitable for our clients

  • LEARNING: Work together with experienced leaders on some of the hottest topics of this century - Big data, Artificial intelligence and Predictive Analysis 

  • TEAM: Tackle new challenges and grow in a supportive and constructive environment. At Nispera we are all keen on supporting each other and deeply aware that success can only come from an individual commitment to a shared goal. 

  • INFLUENCE: We believe it is everyone's right (and duty :)) to be sure to bring a meaningful contribution. At Nispera we do our best to nurture new ideas, hear everyone's voice and work together to deliver the best solution for our clients  

If these reasons are not enough, we are excited to tell you a lot more and would love to hear what you can bring to the table!

Drop us an email with your CV and relevant experience at: jobs@nispera.com