Accurate forecasting of power generation

Wind and PV forecasts worldwide for the efficient trading, balancing, and maintenance planning of wind and photovoltaic plants

Highly reliable 24/7 forecasts

  • Site specific forecasts, calibrated to the specific caracteristics of the wind or photovoltaic plant

  • Forecasting horizon of up to 10 days

  • Output format adapted to the specific needs of the user (market operator, trader, O&M manager, authority)

  • Data accessible via web-platform or mobile app

Nispera Forecasting Features

  • Combination of multi-model ensemble and statistically improved forecasts, optimized with our proprietary multistage downscaling technique

  • State-of-the-art artificial neural networks, periodically re-trained on high performance resources

  • Hourly forecast updates, including most recent power generation data measured from sites and updates from Numerical Weather Prediction models